Temporary Road Closures & Highways News


 Temporary Road Closures


Please note that we only receive advance notices about road closures, not roadworks such as temporary traffic lights.

4 August to approx. 26 October - Footpath 19 (Stonebridge Lane) (part)
8:00 to 19:00 from 14 to 18 September - Chopping Knife Lane (part)
1 to 25 September - C265 (part), Clench Common

For details of all potential highways disruptions planned for the area please see https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/highways-road-closures for a county-wide map of current and planned roadworks, or contact Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0100




Wiltshire Council has changed the way requests for Highways improvements and traffic surveys are processed. These will now be dealt with at a more local level by Marlborough Town Council. Read more


Highways Newsletters 

Cllr. Bridget Wayman is the Cabinet Member at Wiltshire Council responsible for Highways, Transport and Waste. 

Highways Newsletters

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Newsletters from Wiltshire Council's Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Waste - Cllr. Bridget Wayman. Visit the website to find more news and older newsletters at http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/highways-news-information

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Wiltshire Council

Wiltshire Council's website has a comprehensive Highways section.

You can read about the Community Area Transport Group or use it to find out about which roads are gritted in severe weather, apply for a road closure for a special event such as a street party, report an issue, make an insurance claim and much more.