Fairtrade Presentation and Reception

thanks to Nick Helps for the photoSaturday, 4th March 2017

Thanks to the efforts and kindness of Dr Nick Maurice, Susan and I attended this Fairtrade Reception in our Town Hall. It was extremely well attended - more than 100 people - and we all sat at circular tables and enjoyed Fairtrade refreshments courtesy of Nick Helps, the Manager of our local Tesco.

I warmly welcomed Sophie Long and Patrick Kaberia to Marlborough. Sophie, from the Fairtrade Foundation, explained the principle of the set-up and the way in which it helps people to help themselves by offering viable local employment and thus improving living standards and allowing people to choose how to spend any monies.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Patrick Kaberia, a tea planting farmer, who was able to explain just how he had personally benefited, having worked as a tea farmer for the past 24 years in Eastern Kenya. Patrick spoke straight from the heart and it was illuminating to listen to such a personal success story.

Now that Marlborough has Fairtrade status we must continue to support the Foundation and all that it stands for, and pass this message onto future generations.