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Running Out Of Time Relay Passes The Baton in Marlborough

{Play}On Friday, 7 October at 6.30 am relay runners passed the baton at the Community Fridge, one of 27 projects chosen to highlight how people can take local action to create a more sustainable world.



Runners Damian Hall, Emily Scott and Sam Noble ran from Avebury to Marlborough, passing the baton at the Community Fridge in George Lane car park to fridge volunteer Mark Hedley and Paul Sands.

Well done to all the early birds who were waiting to cheer them on at the fridge: fridge volunteers, members of Transition Marlborough, wellwishes, Danny Kruger MP, Caroline Aistrop from Carbon Copy, Town Councillors Andrew Ross and Caroline Thomas and Town Council staff.  Clare Harris, our Assistant Town Clerk, has been actively involved with and supportive of the fridge since Milly Carmichael first approached the Town Council to suggest the idea.

The relay began on Friday 30th September, in Glasgow (the location of COP26) and will end on Sunday 6th November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where COP27 will be held.  The total distance of the relay - the world's longest - is 7,767km/4,826 miles divided into 726 stages of approx 10km/6 miles each.  There's a live map where you can watch progress on the Running Out Of Time website.

Caroline Aistrop from UK charity Carbon Copy explained that the charity, a principal partner in organising the relay, had selected the Marlborough Community Fridge for the handover as a great example to show world leaders what local people can do to create a more sustainable future.

The World Relay has organised mass participation relays in America, Europe and the UK. They are an award-winning, multidisciplinary team based in the UK with a passion for creating innovative events. To date, over 200,000 runners have participated in their relays, reaching over 100 million people on social media and raising over £1,000,000 for charity.  Carbon Copy inspires big-thinking local climate action to accelerate our progress towards a fairer, carbon zero future.

#RunningOutOfTime #ThinkBigLocal

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