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Regulation 14 documents


Response Documentation

Public responses
You can read a redacted, pdftext only extract of the responses1.24 MB received from members of the public and interest groups here.  Note some responses are duplicated if we received them in more than one format

Informal Consultation Feedback Analysis Report: pdfReg_14_Feedback_Analysis_SummaryV2.pdf

Statutory Consultees and Land Supply Interests

pdfAction for the River Kennet656.83 KB

pdfThe Crown Estate182.24 KB

pdfHistoric England145.23 KB

pdfMarlborough College211.04 KB

pdfNational Grid82.2 KB

pdfNatural England391.57 KB

pdfNorth Wessex Downs AONB198.74 KB

pdfSavernake Parish Council224.72 KB

pdfThames Water - Habitat Regulations Assessment191 KB
pdfThames Water - letter 05.03.2021332.63 KB
pdfThames Water - water response spreadsheet89.25 KB

pdfWiltshire Council - letter 08.03.2021450.56 KB
pdfWiltshire Council - Habitats Regulations Assessment323.61 KB
pdfWiltshire Council - Conservation Comments162.04 KB

 a view from a bridge, showing a river with houses on the left and fields on the right

18 January to 8 March 2021


Please read the draft plan, along with its supporting evidence, and let us know what you think

 All comments, including questions about the plan, submitted in response to the consultation will be collated into a database and passed to the Steering Group once the consultation ends.  We will of course respond to general enquiries throughout the consultation.


 If you wish to learn more and ask questions while the consultation is ongoing please watch the video and/or try to attend online events.  These will be publicised on the Consultation Introduction Page, the Town Council website home page and shared on the Town Council's social media channels. 

a button with an image of the plan.  click or tap to open the Neighbourhood Plan document

Draft Plan

pdfDraft Plan1.48 MB or
open as an accessible plain text versiontxtMANP_Pre-Sub_November_2020_Final_accessible.txt135.58 KB

 pdfPre submission plan - map showing potential development sites for affordable homes

Body of Evidence

 Draft Site Assessment Report December 2020

 Sustainability Appraisal for the MANP AECOM July 2020

 Support Statement on Housing Proposals

 Housing Needs and Requirements Study, Cobweb Consulting, May 2017

 Affordable Housing Needs, Cobweb Consulting, June 2020 update

 Marlborough and the Parishes Business Survey, Cobweb Consulting, April 2017

a graphics box containing the contact info detailed lower down this pageMarlborough Town Character Study, Sage Gray Architects Ltd, July 2020

Marlborough Conservation Area Statement, Kennet District Council, June 2003

 Manton Conservation Area Statement, Kennet District Council, June 2003

 Mildenhall Conservation Area Statement, Kennet District Council, June 2004

 Marlborough Town Benchmarking Report, People and Places Ltd, January 2019

 Car Parking Study, People & Places, September 2017

 Open Spaces in MANP Parishes Steering Group Report (Working Documents)

 North Wessex Downs AONB Management Plan 2019-2024

 Wiltshire Core Strategy adopted January 2015 and evidence base

 Wiltshire Local Plan Review Consultations and evidence base

 pdfDownload our information leaflet here


Do please fill in the required information, e.g. your postcode.  This will help us to understand responses from people living within the MANP area as well as those who work or visit the area.

The consultation runs until 8 March and your comments will be passed to the MANP Steering Group and used to help review the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the Steering Group is unable to hold face-to-face drop-in sessions.  Two online Q&A sessions were held instead and the presentation given together with the answers to questions raised are on our Regulation 14 introduction page.

 A Neighbourhood Plan is limited to land use.  For example, it does not cover highways related matters.

It will not be possible to respond to each email individually or answer questions about the plan while the consultation is ongoing.  The Steering Group will answer questions during its online event and FAQs will be added to the website as the consultation progresses.

If you have not already done so, you may like to watch a video outlining the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan (also known as the Pre Submission Document)

If you have already sent in your comments, but find that you wish to add further feedback after reading the documents in detail or attending the online session you may of course send in another response.


Wiltshire Council's consultation on its Local Plan is running too.  This is a different, more strategic document, but will be influenced by our Neighbourhood Plan and this consultation.


 This consultation runs from 18 January to 8 March

If you would like a hard copy of the Plan (or accessible versions of any of the body of evidence documents) or would like to comment by letter or need more information, please get in touch via the Town Clerk at Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan (MANP) c/o Marlborough Town Council, 5 High Street, Marlborough SN8 1AA or email or call 01672 512487 or 07593 584099






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