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Neighbourhood Plan Documents & Links


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Click the image to open links to related UK Government and Wiltshire Council sites and documents, as well as local interest groups and charities



Please note that many of the documents listed below have been written by third parties and may not be fully accessible to everyone.  Please contact us if you would like us to send you a print version



pdfNeighbourhood Area Map1.28 MB
pdfParish Description Document updated September 2020975.1 KB

A list of the policies identified to be included in the Plan


Informal Consultation July/August 2019 - Report
pdfBenchmarking Report645.97 KB
 - 2019
pdfHousing Needs Analysis Report1.1 MB - 2017

pdfCar Parking Study Report - 2017371.9 KB

Steering Group

pdfTerms of Reference298.5 KB
Steering Group Minutes

pdf26 November 202086.08 KB     pdf29 October 2020.pdf87.91 KB     pdf24 September 2020.pdf65.01 KB     pdf27 August 202054.57 KB     pdf6 August 202093.65 KB     pdf23 July 2020144.49 KB     pdf16 July 202094.82 KB     pdf25 June 2020136.79 KB     pdf5 May 2020108.93 KB     pdf24 February 2020234.29 KB     pdf30 January 2020204.88 KB     pdf9 January 2020252.01 KB

pdf5 December 2019173.43 KB     pdf28 November 2019210.13 KB     pdf25 July 2019171.14 KB     pdf15 May 2019164.26 KB     pdf21 March 2019204.55 KB     pdf31 January 2019102.82 KB

pdf25 October 2018100.34 KB     pdf27 September 2018151.58 KB     pdf30 August 2018161.63 KB     pdf26 July 2018128.14 KB     pdf28 June 2018166.71 KB     pdf31 May 2018176.29 KB     pdf24 April 2018151.76 KB     pdf22 March 2018101.97 KB     pdf22 February 2018109.16 KB     pdf25 January 201885.87 KB

pdf14 December 2017111.86 KB     pdf30 November 2017110.67 KB     pdf26 October 2017167.73 KB     pdf28 September 2017166.06 KB     pdf31 August 2017194.99 KB     pdf27 July 2017168.12 KB     pdf29 June 2017169.21 KB     pdf25 May 2017156.85 KB     pdf27 April 2017156.97 KB     pdf26 January 2017179.48 KB

pdf1 December 2016162.68 KB     pdf27 October 2016200.43 KB     pdf29 September 2016169.82 KB     pdf25 August 2016146.8 KB     pdf28 July 2016178.13 KB         pdf30 June 2016163.55 KB     pdf26 May 2016225.25 KB     pdf28 April 2016211.91 KB     pdf7 April 2016113.14 KB     pdf25 February 2016133.94 KB     pdf28 January 2016125.66 KB

pdf26 November 2015138.64 KB     pdf22 October 2015143.72 KB     pdf3 September 2015115.19 KB     pdf23 July 2015115.39 KB     pdf18 June 2015118.04 KB     pdf14 May 2015122.98 KB

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