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Annual Parish Meeting - Minutes & Agendas

The Annual Parish Meeting is held every year between 1st March -1st June. The Mayor calls an Annual Parish Meeting, which is a public meeting of the local electorate (everyone in the Parish of Marlborough who has a right to vote) who may question the Mayor, Clerk and Chairman of the Town Council Committees. Is not a Town Council meeting.
Annual Parish Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available for the following years:


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Monday 24th April 2017

pdfAnnual_Parish_Agenda_24.04.17.pdf75.28 KB

pdfMinutes_Annual_Parish_24.04.2017.pdf325.52 KB


Monday 25th April 2016

pdfAnnual_Parish_Agenda__25_4_16.pdf322.22 KB

 pdfMinutes_Annual_Parish__25.04.16_draft.pdf220.38 KB

Monday 27th April 2015

pdfagenda-annual parish-28-04-14.pdf 221.68 KB

pdfAnnual_Parish__Minutes_2015.pdf285.77 KB


08/05/2013 to 08/05/2014

Agenda and minutes will appear here

08/05/2012 to 08/05/2013

pdfAgenda_-_annual_parish_28 April 2014221.68 KB

pdfMarlborough_public_poster 28 April 201492.74 KB

pdfFootpath313.86 KB

pdfANNUAL_PARISH_MEETING_Mins_2013-04-22.pdf73.02 KB

pdfAgenda_22_April_2013.pdf95.14 KB

08/05/2011 to 08/05/2012

pdf23_April_2012_agenda.pdf93.97 KB

pdfMinutes_23_April_2012.pdf91.49 KB

pdf25_March_2012_agenda.pdf73.56 KB

pdf25_March_2012_minutes.pdf105.24 KB

pdf02_November_2011_agenda.pdf87.44 KB

pdf02_November_2011_minutes.pdf51.1 KB

8/05/2010 to 08/05/2011

pdf11_April_2011_agenda.pdf85.87 KB

pdf11_April_2011_minutes.pdf140.61 KB

 08/05/2009 to 08/05/2010

pdf12_April_2010_agenda.pdf81.08 KB

pdf12_April_2010_minutes.pdf61.32 KB

08/05/2007 to 08/05/2008

pdf07_April_2008_agenda.pdf85.32 KB

pdf07_April_2008_minutes.pdf102.43 KB

pdf20_February_2008_agenda.pdf106.8 KB

pdf20_February_2008_minutes.pdf80.05 KB

pdf14_January_2008_agenda.pdf104.49 KB

pdf14_January_2008_minutes.pdf93.67 KB

08/05/2006 to 08/05/2007

pdf10_April_2007_agenda.pdf105.5 KB

pdf10_April_2007_minutes.pdf287.81 KB


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