{Play}We feel that consultation is an important part of finding out what local residents think about issues in Marlborough. From time to time, the Town Council will consult on various matters to help obtain feedback and use this along with other information to help reach decisions. We aim to use a range of methods - face to face, online, paper surveys and social media.

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Please follow the links to view our latest consultations

Marlborough Common - 11 February to 25 March 2021

Coronavirus volunteer survey - to 21 September 2020

Skatepark Consultation - to 12 June 2020

Tourism Strategy Consultation - February/March 2020
Neighbourhood Plan Informal Consultation - July 2019 (closed).  Go to the Neighbourhood Plan website here
Coopers Meadow play area
- July 2018
20mph speed restrictions
 - April 2018
Public Works Loan - George Lane Toilets - October/November 2016
Neighbourhood Plan - Marlborough Neighbourhood Area Designation - January/February 2016
Car Parking
Apple Trees on The Green
Stonebridge Meadow

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Wiltshire Council holds regular consultation exercises
More information can be found at Wiltshire Council’s Consultation Portal

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The development of the Neighbourhood Plan relies on feedback to determine priorities
Surveys and more information can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website