The Marlborough Times and Wilts and Berks County Paper - Saturday, October 11, 1902

chambercoatofarmschamberfireplaceThe Council Chamber is a spacious, light and well-proportioned room 27½ feet in length, 18 feet in width, and 15 feet in height.  It is lighted at the south end by a large stone mullioned window, with the arms of the borough emblazoned in the centre.  The fire-place, for use when the heating apparatus is not going, is occupied by a slow combustion grate, know, singularly enough, as "the Marlborough" which is surrounded by Rouge Royal marble, and an oak chimney piece, extending the full width of the chimney breast.  There is a private door from here to the back landing, leading to the bench of the First Court, and another doorway leading to a lavatory, for the use of the jury should they be locked up for the night.  The room is lighted by a handsome brass pendant, of the same type as those in the Assembly Room.   As to ventilation, it will be of the most efficient type, by means of an inlet of fresh air, passing over a hot-water radiator.  The aspect of the room and its surroundings are far superior to anything hitherto enjoyed by the ruling authority of the borough, and the hope has been expressed, in more than one quarter, that with dawn of a new order of things from a structural point of view there will be a corresponding advance in the dignity and tone and business-like attitude of the members as a whole.

Source: Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre