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Conditions for Hiring the Town Hall

(1) Applications
All applications for the hiring of accomodation must be on forms obtainable from the Council Offices, 5 High Street, Marlborough and should be fully completed. Provisional bookings must be confirmed within fourteen days of enquiry, on the appropriate form, to be accompanied by half the hiring charge, failure to do so may mean the booking is allocated to another hirer making a firm booking. The person signing the application form shall be deemed to be the hirer and must be of 18 years of age or greater.

In the case of applications for private functions where the Town Clerk considers it necessary for a bond to be entered into against damage or additional cleaning, the bond shall be £200, or such sum agreed by the Council. The bond will be refunded after the function, provided no damage, extra cleaning or other incidents involving financial loss to the Council have occurred, in all other cases, the bond will be encashed, and where the costs exceed the bond, an additional invoice will be issued in accordance with Clause 6.

The Council may, at their discretion, enforce the proviso that no person(s) be admitted to a function after 9.30pm. At functions where the occupancy is above 60 persons 3 suitable stewards must be provided by the hirer and named at the time of booking. These stewards will then be instructed by the Caretaker in fire safety procedures, before commencement of the function. This will also cover procedure for disabled persons. It is your responsibility to ensure that all stewards have a S.I.A. licence when alcohol is to be sold and consumed on the premises. The Caretaker is authorised to call upon the help of the Police and to stop a function, if he believes it to be inadequately controlled or if there is the likelihood of damage or disorder being occasioned.

(2) Charges, Cancellations etc.
Fifty percent of hiring charges are to be paid at the time of booking, with the remainder paid immediately upon the receipt of an invoice. Hirers may not sub-let the hiring, but, with the consent of the Council, may surrender the hiring so that it may be re-let. If a cancellation is received less than thirteen weeks in advance of the function, the deposit shall be forefit, and where cancellation is less than twenty-eight days in advance of a function, the Council shall have the right to recover the full booking fee.  For up to date hiring rates please see the General Information page

(3) Finishing Times of Functions
(a) Functions on Mondays to Fridays, other than below, must terminate by 1am the following morning.

(b) Functions on Saturdays, or days preceding religious festivals, must terminate by 11.45pm.

(c) Functions on Sundays or religious festivals must terminate by 10.30pm and dancing is not permitted.

(4) Special Conditions
All lettings are subject to the following conditions:

(a) It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safe access and egress of guests with mobility limitations.

(b) The Town Hall is not licenced for cinematograph entertainments and the sale of intoxicating liquor. Consent of the Council is required for these activities and it is the responsibility of the hirer to apply to the appropriate Council or Court when necessary for occasional licenses, extensions of licensing hours etc.

(c) No bar for the sale of intoxicating liquors may be established in the Assembly Room, and the Council's bar in the landing area is the only area that may be used on the first floor for the sale or distribution of liquor.

(d) No alterations or additions shall be made to the lighting, heating, fittings or fixtures or other arrangements except with the authority of the Town Clerk.

(e) All passages, stairways and exits to which the public have access shall at all times, when the public are on the premises be kept free from obstructions.

(f) No bolts, screws, nails or tacks shall be driven into any part of the premises. Tables, Court Room furniture, panels, walls etc., must not be defaced in any way. These conditions must be strictly observed.

(g) No wax or powder shall be placed upon the dance floor without the permission of the Town Clerk or his representative.

(h) No article of any inflammable or explosive character, or any article producing an offensive smell, or any oil, electric, gas or other appliance shall be brought into the building without the previous consent of the Town Clerk.

(i) The hirer shall be responsible for the maintenance of good order and behaviour during the hiring.

(j) The hirer must ensure that the following conditions are strictly observed -

(1) cigarettes are not to be stubbed out on the Assembly Room floor

(2) no person shall be allowed on the Assembly Room floor with footwear which is likely to cause damage to the floor (e.g. stiletto heeled shoes).

(3) excessive noise is not permitted and the hirer will ensure that the noise aspect is kept under review during the period of the function.

(k) Bicycles are not allowed inside the building.

(l) No decorations of any description will be permitted on the staircase, handrail, balustrade, walls, entrance hall, landing etc., in the north entrance.

(m) The hirer will be responsible for the removal from the premises of all refuse, packaging and waste paper caused by or brought into the premises, immediately following the end of the function.

(n) No posters or like material may be affixed to any part of the internal fabric of the premises but the hirer may bring boards to exhibit posters, drawings, painting etc. providing they are free-standing and will not affect the decorations or panelling.

(o) In cases where the Town Clerk requests, the hirer is to provide adequate floor covering to minimise damage to the floor surfaces.

(p) The Town Hall Caretaker or his deputy, has the authority to exclude or evict any person who he feels would be a liability to the Town Hall in either behaviour or appearance, whether or not such person is in the possession of an official ticket or invitation. He has specific instructions to call the Police if he experiences problems.

(5) Advertisements
Advertisements, posters or placards are only permitted on the external notice boards and must only pertain to the function for which the rooms have been hired. The erection or external banners is only permitted after the permission of the Town Clerk has been obtained.

(6) Damage to Council Property
The hirer shall repay to the Council on demand, the cost of reinstating or replacing any part of the Town Hall or any property in or upon the Town Hall which shall be damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed during the period of hire or prior or subsequent thereto if in relation to or by reason of the hiring. The amount of the cost shall be certified by the Town Council whose certificate shall be conclusive.

(7) Indemnity
(a) Against Personal Claims

The hirer shall indemnify the Council against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of goods or clothing or of the death or injury to any person which shall occur during the period of hire or prior or subsequent thereto if in relation to or by reason of the hiring. Provided that his indemnity shall not apply in the event of any negligence on the part of the Council, its agents or servants, or any defects in the premises or of any act of God or the Queen's enemies.

(b) Statutory Provisions

In every letting there shall be deemed to be implied on the part of the hirer an undertaking with the Council strictly to observe all statutory provisions and regulations and all conditions and regulations imposed by the Justices or the County Council applicable to any letting, and to indemnify and save harmless the Council, their officers and servants from all penalties, damages and costs which they may incur in consequence of any breach or default in complying with any such provisions, regulations or conditions.

(8) Lost Property
All such property recovered shall be handed to the Town Clerk or his representative on the premises, and the hirer shall see that this requirement is reasonably carried out.

(9) Public Performance of Copyright Work
The Council has a licence with the Performing Right Society Limited and the hirer is expected to comply with any conditions of the society and also indemnify the Council against any claims, demands, actions or proceedings arising out of the infringement of copyright etc. during the period of hiring.

The transmission by oral, visual or sound reproduction of anything which is taking place in the building or of any commentary thereon by any means is prohibited except with the written consent of the Council.

(10) Right of Entry to the Council
The Town Clerk and other authorised members or officers of the Council shall be in pursuance of their official duties have free ingress and egress to and from the hired premises and instructions must be given by the hirer for their admission.

(11) Failure to Observe Conditions
If the hirer shall fail to observe or perform in any respect or secure the due observance or performance by others of the provisions of the agreement of these Terms and Conditions, the Council may without notice forthwith determine the hirer's rights under the agreement and effect the immediate vacation of the Hall. Such determination shall not release the hirer from any of his obligations under the agreement or otherwise and the Council shall be entitled to retain for their own use and benefit any monies paid by way of deposit and to invoice for any balance outstanding.

(12) Responsibility for Articles
Neither the Council, nor its officers shall be responsible for goods, materials, clothing etc., brought into or left in the building.

(13) Cancellation of Hiring
The Council reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event of the Hall being required in connection with a Parliamentary, European, County, District or Town Council election or referendum, or for such extraordinary or special civic or Town Council purposes as the Council may from time to time think fit. in the event of any such cancellation, the Council shall refund the charges already paid for the hirings of the premises, and the hirer shall be offered an alternative date or dates, but in the event, the Council shall not be liable by virtue of such cancellation for the payment of any compensation whatsoever.

(14) Cloakrooms
The hirer shall make his own arrangements for cloakroom accomodation and shall pay the Council for the use of such rooms. No responsibility will be accepted by the Council for any articles deposited in the cloakrooms.

(15) Preparation and Clearing of the Hall
The Council will provide basic facilities such as chairs and tables where required in the Hall, in addition to which light-weight trestle tables and armchairs may be hired. The hirer shall be responsible for providing all necessary labour required for the arrangements of tables and chairs, bar fittings etc. Decorations , additional chairs, tables, bar fittings and all equipment must be removed immediately after the function due to there being no storage space available in the Town Hall. All hours of preparation and clearing will be charged in accordance with the fees specified on the booking form.

(16) Seating Capacity
The hirer must observe any direction as to seating as laid down from time to time by the Town Clerk for seated functions.

The list of room capacities below have been laid down by the Chief Fire Officer and must be complied with.

When both rooms are used together
(a) When used for dancing
Court Room = 150 Assembly Room =200

(b) When used for functions utilising tables and chairs
Court Room = 125 Assembly Room = 185

(c) When used for purposes combining (a) and (b) above
Court Room = 125 Assembly Room = 185

(d) When used for a standing audience
Court Room = 150 Assembly Room = 200

When only one room is used
(a) When used for dancing
Court Room = 200 Assembly Room = 290

(b) When used for functions using tables and chairs
Court Room = 125 Assembly Room = 185

(c) When used for purposes combining (a) and (b) above
Court Room = 125 Assembly Room = 185

(d) When used for a standing audience
Court Room = 275 Assembly Room = 350

The total occupancy must never exceed 350 persons.

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