Marlborough – 20mph Speed Restrictions - A Consultation

20At the request of Wiltshire Council’s Community Area Transport Group which deals with local Highways issues, Marlborough Town Council helped to identify various areas in Marlborough to be considered for 20mph speed restrictions. Metrocounts (devices using 2 sensor tubes placed across the road logging data on vehicle volume, speed and classification) were placed on these roads and relevant data has been collected and analysed and recommendations put forward in a report produced by Wiltshire Council. A decision now has to be made about which of the proposals to take forward. Whether or not to implement 20 mph restrictions is important and our Councillors feel that the options presented in the report should be put out to public consultation.

You can read the report here:
1 - main written report Marlborough (A4 High Street, A346 & surrounding areas) 20mph Speed Restriction Assessment
2 - Appendices A-C - data collected
3 - Appendices D-E - options

You can take the survey by clicking the button at the bottom of this page but make sure you have read the report - especially Appendices D-E - as you will be making choices based on them.

Other Formats

The report and consultation form and background documents are also available in hard copy format at the Town Council offices and the Library.

Open Meeting

There will be time allocated to this for open discussion at the Annual Town Meeting which takes place in the Assembly Room of the Town Hall on Monday, 23 April at 7pm – refreshments from 6.30pm onwards.

Background Documents and Notes

Further background:

Wiltshire Policy on 20mph Speed Limits and Zones

The Department for Transport (DfT) Circular 01/2013 Setting Local Speed Limits

It should be noted that Marlborough Town Council would meet 25% of the costs listed at page 12 of the report.

This consultation closes at 4pm on Friday, 27th April 2018

For more information contact:

Marlborough Town Council, 5, High Street, Marlborough, SN8 1AA

Tel – 01672 512 487   Email –

Data Protection

The information that you supply will be processed by Marlborough Town Council which, for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, is the Data Controller.  Any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used for the purposes of gathering information about possible 20mph speed restrictions in Marlborough and any developments arising there from. Any personal information will not be shared with any other parties, but please note that any comments you make may appear anonymously in the published results. Paper copies will be kept secure and electronic files on a drive only accessible to relevant personnel.  The Town Council’s Data Protection Policy is here

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