We feel that consultation is an important part of finding out what local residents think about issues in Marlborough. From time to time, the Town Council will consult on various matters to help obtain feedback and use this along with other information to help reach decisions. We aim to use a range of methods – face to face, online, paper surveys and social media.

Wiltshire Council holds regular consultation exercises. More information can be found at Wiltshire Council’s Consultation Portal

Please follow the links below to view our/Wiltshire Council's latest consultations.

Wiltshire Council Housing Allocations Consultation 2017 - closing date 30th April 2017

Public Works Loan - George Lane Toilets - October/November 2016

Neighbourhood Plan - Marlborough Neighbourhood Area Designation - 11th January to 24th February 2016

Wiltshire Council consultation on bus services - January to 4th April 2016

Wiltshire Council consultation on public conveniences - October to December 2015

Car Parking

Apple Trees on The Green


Stonebridge Meadow

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