Allotments have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, as people of all ages become more interested in leisure gardening and producing their own food.

Marlborough Town Council has three allotment sites, two of which they own and one on land leased from the St John's Trust. The allotments are adminstered by Marlborough Town Council and are maintained jointly by the Council and Marlborough Allotment Association.


Elcot Lane

Elcot Lane Allotments

Situated on Elcot Lane with the benefit of a water supply. This site provides 5 starter plots each approximately 20ft x 20ft in size and 24 larger plots each approximately 25ft x 55ft.

St John's Close

St John's Close

Situated just off of Marlborough Common, opposite St John's Close. The site provides 10 plots each measuring approximately 20ft x 60ft.

Stonebridge Lane

Stonebridge Lane Allotments

Situated just off the Stonebridge Lane footpath which can be accessed via London Road (next to T H Whites) or St Martin's (next to Vicarage Close). This site provides 31 plots averaging 20ft x 30ft.


Rental charges per annum from 1st April 2018:

Elcot Lane - full plot £40.00
Elcot Lane - half plot £24.00
Elcot Lane - one third plot £9.50
St John's Close - Full plot £33.00
St John' Close - Half plot £22.00
Stonebridge Lane - £22.00

You can download the list of charges here


If you would like to apply please fill in the application form and send it to us at 5 High Street, Marlborough SN8 1AA. For more information contact Sue Fry on 01672 512487 Mon-Fri between 10am and 4pm, or email To be eligible for an allotment, residents must live within the parish of Marlborough.

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