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Council Offices, 5 High Street, Marlborough, SN8 1AA   Weekdays 10am-4pm

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If you have a question please contact us and we will share the answer here.

What we do and how we do it

Marlborough Town Council, a corporate body, consists of 16 Town Councillors who are all volunteers and represent two wards - East Marlborough and West Marlborough. Decision-making is carried out by our Councillors who act as residents’ representatives and are supported by a full and part time staff team of 12 headed by the Town Clerk who administer a range of services and responsibilities.

Our history

In 1974 Marlborough ceased to be a Borough Council and became a Town Council under Kennet District Council. Today it is the first tier of local government and the one closest to its community. It works with Wiltshire Council, the unitary authority for most of the county and successor to Wiltshire County Council (1889–2009) and four previous districts councils - Kennet, North Wiltshire, Salisbury, and West Wiltshire - all of which had been created in 1973 and abolished in 2009.

How are we funded

Like other town and parish councils, Marlborough Town Council does not receive any revenue support from Central Government or from local businesses through the Non Domestic Rates. It is funded through the Council Tax - the local tax you pay towards the services provided by Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police Authority, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Services and the running of your own town council. This last proportion is worth around only 10% of your overall Council Tax bill and is known as the precept.

Each year, Marlborough Town Council agrees its budget for the forthcoming year and sets the precept. This is to cover any shortfall in the budget the Council needs for the next financial year and is based on planned income (funds from investments, rental income, etc) and expenditure (capital projects planned, running of services, etc). The difference is the amount it needs to raise locally from Council Tax payers - the Precept. Wiltshire Council collects this on behalf of the Town Council and it is paid in two instalments during the financial year.

The Town Council tries to ensure that the tax burden on local people is reduced by seeking external funding for projects where it can.

Civic and Ceremonial

The civic and ceremonial face of the Town Council is led by our Mayor, who acts as Chairman of the Council. The Mayor is supported by a Civic Secretary and traditional Officers of Dignity – a Beadle, 2 Mace Bearers and a Town Crier – all honorary positions.


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