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Here you can find information about what Marlborough Town Council does and how it’s run. You can look at Council and Committee Meeting agendas and minutes to find out what issues are being discussed and have a look at the list of meeting dates coming up.

Committee Structure

To help run council business more smoothly and to deliver best value for money, Marlborough Town Council has adopted a committee structure. Full Town Council (comprising all 16 Councillors) still makes the most important decisions such as setting the precept (local council tax) but, committees have delegated authority to make decisions in certain areas themselves. So, in addition to the Full Town Council, there are five Committees:

As business demands it, there may be issues that require further focus or expertise and Full Council or one of its Committees may establish Working Parties. These can include Town Councillors, experts, advisors and members of the public. These are set up in an advisory capacity only and can only made recommendations to Full Council or Committee.

All meetings of the Town Council and its 5 committees are open to the public and press, except where confidential items are being discussed, and each meeting starts with pdfPublic Question Time49.16 KB.

All agendas and minutes from May 2003 to present day have been uploaded.

Town Council Staff

Click here to see our organisation chart, or download the file here pdforg_chart_July_2016.pdf69.17 KB

Mayoral Protocol



Click here to read the Annual Report

annual report 2015

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Click here to see the schedule of meetings for 2016-17



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Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Accounts

Click here to read the notice of unaudited accounts and annual governance statement for 2017/18, including a summary of your rights

Inspection of accounts

Notice - inspection of accounts for the year ended 31/03/2016

Expenditure over £500

pound coins

The transparency code for local councils means we must make public any expenditure over £500.  Our transactions can be accessed here:

FY 2018/19

FY 2017/18

FY 2016/17

FY 2015/16

Annual Returns

Local Councils in England with an annual turnover of £1 million or less must complete an annual return summarising their annual activities at the end of each financial year. You can see our last five year's returns here:

pdfAnnual Return for 2016-17567.79 KB

pdfAnnual_Return_for_2015-16.pdf4.5 MB

pdfAnnual Return for 2014-15 (PDF file)3.14 MB

pdfAnnual Return for 2013-14 (PDF file)2.88 MB

 pdfAnnual Return for 2012-13 (PDF)3.27 MB

pdfAnnual Return for 2011-12 (PDF)2.99 MB

pdfAnnual Return for 2010-11 (PDF)3.16 MB

pdfAnnual Return for 2009-10 (PDF)2.92 MB

External Audit

Notice of Conclusion of Audit - Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016

Internal Audit Reports

pdfInternal Audit Report 2015-1672.93 KB

pdfInternal Audit Report 2014-15.pdf53.77 KB

pdfInternal Audit Report 2013-14.pdf59.59 KB

pdfInternal Audit Report 2012-13.pdf5.22 MB

pdfInternal Audit Report 2011-12 (PDF)3.98 MB 

pdfInternal Audit Report 2010-11.pdf6.05 MB


Each year Marlborough Town Council agrees its budget for the forthcoming year and sets the precept. This is to cover any shortfall in the budget the Council needs for the next financial year and is based on planned income (funds from investments, rental income etc) and expenditure (capital projects planned, running of services etc). The difference is the amount it needs to raise locally from Council Tax payers - the Precept. Wiltshire Council collects this on behalf of the Town Council and it is paid in two instalments during the financial year. The Town Council tries to ensure that the tax burden on local people is reduced by seeking external funding for projects where it can.

Find out more about the proportion collected by Wiltshire Council for Marlborough Town Council and the services it provides for you at a local level, which equates to around 10% of your overall bill:

2017 - Press Release and Information Leaflet

2016 booklet - click here


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The Town Council administers a small grants scheme for local projects.  If your community or voluntary group needs money to help move a project forward, it may be eligible to apply for funding from the Town Council.  In the last year, grants of between £100 - £3,000 have been awarded, most recently to Marlborough & District Dyslexia Association, Marlborough Area Poverty Action Group, The Merchant's House TrustGreatwood, Marlborough St Mary's, Macmillan Marlborough and Alzheimers Support.  

In previous years Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust, Prospect Hospice Outreach Centre at Savernake Hospital,  The Jubilee Centre, Manton Pre-SchoolEast Wilts MencapRelate Mid Wiltshire, The Bruce Trust, Splash WiltshireAlzheimer's Support, Home Start Kennet, Marlborough Amateur Boxing Club and Marlborough Gardening AssociationSt. John's Ambulance, Vitalise, The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust and the Greatwood Charity have also received funding.


Deadlines for submission

  Apply by 4pm on    
  For consideration at the
Finance & Policy Committee on  
 8 June 2018 18 June 2018
14 September 2018 24 September 2018
23 November 2018 3 December 2018
8 March 2019 18 March 2019


Download an application form (pdf) or as a Word document

Guidance Notes

Please read our policy before applying:

 1 The Finance & Policy Committee consider all grant applications

2 Applications must be for projects that benefit the local community 3 An organisation may normally only submit one application for a grant every financial year 4 The organisation must be non-profit making
 5 Grants are not made retrospectively for projects 6 The organisation must demonstrate a clear need for financial support and show how fund raising has taken place, if applicable 7 Organisations applying will need to provide a set of audited accounts for the previous financial year and any other financial information as requested by the Town Clerk  8 Organisations just starting up must submit basic financial information
9 All grant funding must be claimed by successful applicants before 31 March 10 Any unused monies not used for the purpose intended should be returned to the Town Council 11 Applicants must acknowledge Marlborough Town Council's financial support in any publicity or printed material 12 Cheques must be made out in the name of the organisation making the application
13 A report must be made about how the grant has been used by the end of the Financial Year for production at the Annual Town Meeting. Failure to do this may jeopardise future grant applications 14 Grants may be considered for award to individuals only in exceptional cases 15 The Town Council will not consider grant applications for:
a) Political or religious activities
b) Statutory bodies to fund core services
c) A private profit making/commercial organisation
d) Running costs - e.g. rent, rates, electricity etc
e) Projects that have already started (so the money would be awarded retrospectively)
f) Projects which could reasonably be expected to secure finance by other means


August 2018





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Standing Orders

Standing Orders govern how the Council operates

Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations govern the Council's finance, and how we spend money

Scheme of Delegation

This sets out how the Committee Structure works and their delegated powers as well as the delegated authority of the Town Clerk

Code of Conduct

The Localism Act 2011 requires all Local Authorities to adopt a Code of Conduct setting out the standards of behaviour expected from local Councillors. All Councillors must adhere to this. MarlboroughTown Council adopted its Code of Conduct in July 2012

pdfCode-of-Conduct-2012.pdf92.55 KB

Complaints Procedure

Freedom of Information / Scheme of Publication

pdfFreedom of Information Policy Adopted 22.05.2017161.73 KB


Public Question Time - Guidance

Public Question Time

Action Plan

Action Plan 2017-2021: Adopted 6th November 2017 

Grants Policy


Health and Safety Policy Statement

HS Policy Statement Adopted 22.05.2017

Lone Working Policy

pdfLone_Working_Policy.pdf98.52 KB

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy Adopted 22.05.2017

Press and Media Policy

pdfPress Media Policy Adopted 22.05.201792.06 KB

Social Media Policy

pdfSocial_Media_Policy_16_05_2016.pdf163.38 KB

Policy and Protocol on Recording, Photography and Use of Social Media at Meetings


Privacy Notice

pdfPrivacy_Notice.21.5.18.pdf170.65 KB

Register of Interests

Under The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 all members of relevant authorities, including  town and parish councils are being required to register their “disclosable pecuniary interests”. Marlborough Town Council has a statutory duty to publish its Members’ disclosable pecuniary interests on its website. The full Register of Interests is at 






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 Any comments or enquiries relating to the Town Council should be made to either the Town Clerk, Mrs Shelley Parker, the Office Manager Mrs Sue Fry or the Civic Secretary Mrs Linda Chapman.  Contact Us

Marlborough Town Council covers the Parish of Marlborough (which includes Manton) and is responsible for the following facilities and services.

Although we offer many local services, we do not cover all council work.  These include education, roads, pavements & footpaths, car parks, bin collections, the recycling centre, housing, social services and planning. For more details about these, visit the  Wiltshire Council website


The Town Hall and its hiringtown hall

Town Council offices (5,High Street)

Public Toilets in George Lane car park

Community & Youth Centre in St Margaret's Mead

Portfolio of residential and commercial properties

Burial Facilities

CemeteryMarlborough’s cemeteries, burials and records

Community Amenities and Open Spaces

The AllotmentsAllotments

Children’s Play Areas

Marlborough Common and Victorian Cemetery

Coopers Meadow

Elcot Lane Playing Fields

Football Pitches

The GreenThe Green

High Street Floral Displays

Jubilee Field, Manton

Plume of Feathers garden

The Priory Gardens

St. Mary’s ChurchyardSkate Park at Salisbury Road Recreation Ground

Salisbury Road Recreation Ground including A Skatepark

Stonebridge Meadow

Wye House Gardens


Tourist InformationWar Memorial

War Memorials

Co-ordination of and support to public events (e.g. Remembrance Parade, Christmas Lights Switch-on)

Consultee on all relevant planning applications

pound coinsAdministration of Small Grants Scheme


Local communication via noticeboards, website and a page 'The New Greyhound' in Marlborough Town & Country magazine distributed free to local homes. Older newsletters archived: The New Greyhound


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We've put together some links to other services, such as health, advisory and support organisations, animal welfare and more - click here

Although we offer many local services, we do not cover all council work.  These include education, roads, pavements & footpaths, car parks, bin collections, housing, social services and planning. For more details about these, visit the  Wiltshire Council website

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